Bizarre Things Travellers Have Witnessed At Airports

Airports are one of the most stressful places. They’re crowded, and most of the time, your flights get delayed. The time you have to kill before boarding or in transit is pretty strenuous. You’re bored, tired, jetlagged, and just want to get to your final destination as soon as you can. But, as soon as you claim airports to be the worst places on earth, some people make your extended stays at airports worth the wait. While some of these people do it on purpose, other people don’t have the slightest clue they’re making everyone else’s time a bit more enjoyable.

Many bizarre airport happenings make it bearable for people to wait at airports because they’re unusual, funny and you wouldn’t see them anywhere other than on an airport terminal. Here are some bizarre airport things that put a smile on exhausted travelers’ faces.

Don’t Try This At Home

Don’t Try This At Home

People might jump up onto the security conveyor just to get some laughs, but they should get off before things go this far. In this case, the man went all the way through. It’s quite baffling how he managed to enter the machine initially, let alone how they let him go through it. The only way one can pull this off is if there was no one attending the scanner. But that couldn’t have been it since there’s a member of the staff standing right next to it. Maybe the metal detector was out of order, and the only way for security to check people was through the scanner.

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