These Innocent Looking Things Shockingly Gave People Almost A Heart Attack

Suppose you are going to the toilet in the middle of the night and spot someone standing outside the window. Immediately, your ‘fight or flight’ mode will be on. You might freak out and panic about what to do in the situation. Your heart starts racing at a million miles, and you freeze due to the terror. Then, suddenly by having a closer look, you feel relieved that it was just a shadow of a tree and not an actual person or ghost standing outside. Well, you are not alone. This happens to almost everyone as our mind constantly plays games with us. It is accustomed to make sense of the visual cues by deeming what’s helpful in them rather than what’s actually there.

Optical illusions occur when scenes in front of our eyes unfold differently from the normal. So, our brain responds in a confused and strange way until finally reaching a plausible conclusion.

Here is a list of moments when people shared they almost had a heart attack when they saw some otherwise trivial or harmless things. Check out the bizarre reflections, eerie shadows, and many more ordinary things that have scared the hell out of them.

“This Freaked Me Out. Turns Out It’s A Sunset Reflection”

“This Freaked Me Out. Turns Out It’s A Sunset Reflection”

What would you do when you see a house on fire? Would you scream? Run? Rush to call the firefighters? Or would you stand there staring at it? Whatever you do is quite natural of a response. In this particular case, if you stand looking at the window, you will eventually realize that it’s just a reflection of the sunset. We also thought that it’s fire for a second and wondered why aren’t fire alarms ringing? Thankfully to our relief, it’s just a weird reflection!

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