15 “American Problems” Europeans Don’t Understand

Europe and America belong to the same western world. The two mostly agree on important democratic issues, but there are some things where their cultures clash. As we all know, Europeans and Americans have very different perspectives on certain things in life, like their food choices, political issues, and other everyday matters. Today, we’ve brought together fifteen things Americans do that the Europeans don’t understand. Read ahead to see how many of these you can and can not understand.

Sweet Everything

Sweet Everything

Europeans have an undying confusion about how sweet America is. From their bread to tomato sauce, everything the Americans consume is overloaded with sugar. Not just the Europeans, even the Americans don’t understand why it is so. Some of them have even complained that the extreme sweetness overpowers all other flavors in their food. That’s not where the ridiculousness ends, though. If you want sugar-free food in America, you’ve got to pay more for it.

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