12 Most Bizarre Couples In The World That Will Shock You

According to the science of attraction, romantic relationships primarily get determined by physical attractiveness. In the early stages of dating, people tend to be attracted to individuals with the same charisma level as themselves.

Also, people are more likely to pick partners who are similar to them. They look for similarities in different characteristics such as age, religion, class, personality, attitude, intelligence, education, and many more. Likewise, many studies have found that similarity causes attraction because we love to associate ourselves with similar people and reciprocate our feelings.

Mainly, we focus on the physical appearance of people, but love is not all about looks. We are often attracted to passion, confidence, and personality. These 12 duos (or sometimes trios) have defied all the laws of attraction and are undoubtedly the most bizarre couples in the world. Here is a list of them that will stun you and make you believe that love is truly blind.

We All Love Some Healthy Curves!

We All Love Some Healthy Curves!

This couple looks the epitome of happily ever after. However mismatched the couple is, they look to be heavily in love with each other. The popular media feeds us with all the societal pressure to be of certain body size, image, and shape to be more attractive. This duo has taken the discussion around body positivity forward, and they are proof that attractiveness is not what society deems as appropriate. Addressing the unrealistic beauty standards, they have challenged the perfect body image notion. Nothing matters as long as you feel supported, loved, and confident in your body.

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