Famous Celebrities Fired From Blockbuster Movies During Production

The road to making a movie is never easy. Even the most legendary directors strive to make the perfect movie. Several things may turn south, leaving directors and producers striving to make things right. While directors may bypass some problems with proper planning, other issues can be spontaneous.

One of the most troubling problems is changing cast. Either for professional or personal reasons, some actors are simply unfit for the role they get offered. Sometimes, matters get so out of hand that directors have to fire celebrities, no matter how famous they are. Here is a list of celebrities fired or replaced during production.

Sylvester Stalone

Sylvester Stalone

The comedy classic Beverly Hills Cop is one of the most loved movies ever to be made. Initially, the role of Axel Foley was supposed to be played by Sylvester Stallone. Stallone wanted to change Alex’s character during the early days of production and turn him into a certified action hero. As Stallone was demanding too many alterations, the production team had no other choice but to replace him with Eddie Murphy. In all honesty, it was a wise choice. Murphy’s unique charm took the movie to another level.

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