Famous Celebrities Fired From Blockbuster Movies During Production

Dennis Hopper

The impact of cult classic Truman Show lasted for a very long time. From the cast to the mind-boggling storyline, there’s nothing you can’t like about the movie. Initially, Dennis Hopper was supposed to play the role of Cristof, the mastermind behind the show. However, there were many problems with Hopper’s portrayal of the character, including Hopper’s inability to memorize his lines. As a result, producers replaced him with Ed Harris, who undoubtedly did a remarkable job playing the character.

James Purefoy

James Purefoy

V for Vendetta’s famous masked character Guy Fawkes might have had different mannerisms if the director went with his first choice for the role. Initially, James Purefoy was to play the antagonist. After six weeks of continuous filming, the director realized that Purefoy couldn’t effectively portray emotions while wearing a mask which resulted in him being replaced by Hugo Weaving.

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