Celebrity Fashion Disasters That Will Leave You Speechless

Celebrities have access to the most expensive clothing and fashion trends in the world. However, on numerous occasions, they’ve proven that this isn’t always a good thing. If they can’t find any clothes to their liking, they have designers on hand to make something for them. Unfortunately, a lot of famous personalities seem to miss the mark in terms of fashion choices. Sometimes these fashion decisions can leave people speechless. Here are some genuinely unforgettable celebrity fashion disasters.

Elena Lenina

Elena Lenina

Elena Lenina wanted to make sure no one missed her on the red carpet by wearing this dress. The funny part is that the dress is quite alright. It’s almost pretty. However, the accessories she’s wearing around her neck very visibly steal the show. You can see some of the photographers behind her look up from their camera if you look closely. They probably thought there was something wrong with their camera lens, but they were wrong. Lenina could also be on her way to announce the Hunger Games to all the districts. If that’s the case, then her fashion sense is very appropriate for the occasion. However, it’s good to see that the Russian feels confident in her chosen outfit.

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