13 Super Awkward Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

Celebrities are really like all of us – normal human beings. When you have to hit the red carpets surrounded by dozens of flashbulbs and cameras, wardrobe malfunctions become inevitable. Though we believe that celebs have the best stylists and designers at their disposal, even this does not make them immune from occasional fashion fails.

From nip slips to broken zippers to shapewear reveals, here are the most awkward and super embarrassing moments that made the superstars suffer in front of the whole world. Check out the most insane celebrity clothing mishaps and see for yourself what made them so unpleasant

1 . Jessica Alba

1 . Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba had a problem keeping her clothes on. The “Fantastic Four” star was at the Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood party in L.A. As soon as she arrived on the red carpet, her sheer black dress’ strap decided to go a little loose. The beauty almost lost her dress thanks to the strap fall, but as elegant as Jessica is, she quickly fixed it and saved herself from a major embarrassment. 

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