15 Cheating Exes Who Got Burned By Their Partners

Vengeance isn’t always the best choice when addressing a problem, especially when it’s related to love. However, it’s sometimes pretty funny to see ticked-off lovers get back at their unfaithful exes. Read ahead to see some hilarious (yet sad) things that people did to their exes after they were caught cheating. If you are a cheater yourself, don’t look at these when sitting with your partner as they might get some vengeful ideas into their minds.

One For The Headlines

One For The Headlines

That’s some old-school busting right there. This wife made sure everyone gets to know about her cheating husband right away. She even used everyone’s last names so that even if her husband doesn’t read this himself, the news is still going to get to him one way or another. However, it must have taken a lot of courage to have a classified ad printed. This naming and shaming must have come at a huge emotional price.

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