Wildest Things That Ever Happened On Airplanes

Whether you love flying or hate it, there are some things that you wouldn’t want to see while onboard. Feet in your face, hair in your face, or literally anything in your face tends to p*ss you off on flights. As much as you want to avoid drunk lunatics, naughty children, bawdy passengers, these things happen in economy class, and we can do nothing to control th

It leaves us all shocked how some people can be so shameless and make others uncomfortable. We have compiled a list of the weirdest things that have ever happened on planes. These will leave you baffled as well as rolling on your tummies of laughter. Check out the craziest things and creatures people encountered mid-flight.

Everyone Needs Some Space

Everyone Needs Some Space

When the flights are long, everyone gets frustrated and wants to stretch a bit. An empty row is a blessing in such situations. While we understand the need for space horizontally and even vertically, this passenger is wrecking other people’s privacy. We don’t like the look of his stretched legs at all. The feet and limbs in the air with socks on are a horrible sight.

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