Latest Denim Underwear Stirs Up A Wave Of Confusion Among People

From lowrise to asymmetrical to thong jeans, denim has been experimented with in several ways. Just as we thought we had seen enough of denim fashion disasters, the denim underwear came to life. The undies, dubbed as “janties” on social media, are made

from 100% cotton and feature a complete look with buttons, a front zip, and even pockets (that can barely hold anything).

I’m sure this has left you very confused, and you’re certainly not the only one to be baffled by this weirdly unique creation. People have flooded social media with many unanswered yet logical questions about the denim underwear. Especially about how one is supposed to wear it. If you’re as curious and confused as everyone else who came across this garment, read ahead to find out what the hype is all about.

Denim Underwear- It’s Actually A Thing

Denim Underwear- It’s Actually A Thing

Fashion brand Y/Project recently introduced a never-before-seen item – denim panties. Yes, you heard it right. They created a pair of $470 jeans knickers. The “janties,” as people call them, are high-waisted, with a zip at the front and belt loops at the waistband. The undies also feature tonal stitching and free pocket styling. Basically, they’re just underwear but made of denim. The unique pair of panties raised quite a few eyebrows online. Some people were shocked, and others got furious.

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