Ex-Porn Star Lana Rhoades’s ”Biggest Flex” Is Going From School Drop Out To Multi-millionaire

A career in the porn industry is not the same for everyone. While some actors thrive in the porn industry all their lives, others have short-lived careers. But for some actresses, even a small presence in the industry can do wonders. The latter is true for everyone’s favorite ex-porn star, Lana Rhodes. In her short-spanned career, Lana made a significant impact in the pornography world.

Everyone is familiar with Lana’s deep blue eyes, sculpting figure, and that ever-loved tramp stamps tattoo. They don’t know about the struggles Lana had to go through to climb the ladder of success. As she revealed in an interview, Lana is a high school dropout and claims her “biggest flex” is dropping out of school to become a millionaire. Read ahead to find out more about her journey to fame and fortune.

Life Before Porn

Life Before Porn

In an interview with playboy, Lana confessed that she dropped out of school when she was nearly 13-years-old. During that time, the Chicago-born star had her heart set for becoming an actress. She dreamed of being the center of attention among spotlights and flashing cameras.

After quitting school, Lana started her own YouTube channel. She also picked up minor roles in TV shows. Inspired by Playboy bunnies, Lana was sure about joining the porn industry since her teen years. However, she had to put these dreams to a halt as Lana got arrested due to her bad choices. After she was released, Lana set off to make a career as a porn star.

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