15 Iconic Celebrities Who Have Famous Grandkids

Talent skips a generation, and that’s why some iconic celebrities passed theirs on to their grandkids. The grandchildren didn’t always follow the same route as their grandparents, but they did become famous. It can be challenging to make a name for yourself sometimes, though. That’s especially the case when you have very renowned parents or grandparents. It can be challenging to get out of the shadow of someone you’re close to and know well. The industry often sees you as a relation of someone famous rather than you having your own identity. These fifteen iconic celebrities, however, managed to become famous like their grandparents.

Elvis Presley And Riley Keough

Elvis Presley And Riley Keough

There must be very few people in this world who don’t know about Elvis Presley. He’s fondly referred to as the King of Rock. However, his granddaughter Riley Keough has become very famous in her own right. She began her modeling career at 15 and did shows for Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Dior. She’s also known for her roles in independent films. Her grandfather would have been proud of her screen work. Elvis did some acting roles too back in the day. However, he’s known for his singing and hit albums that took him to be a global icon. Keough has done many famous roles, including The Runaways, Magic Mike, and Mad Max: Fury Road. She never pursued music like her legendary grandfather but has done very well for herself in the film industry.

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