Former WWE Superstar Gabbi Tuft Has Come Out As Transgender

After days of giving teasers on social media, the former wrestler has made the most significant announcement. The star has come out as a transgender person amid all the fears around her sexuality.

Retiring from the wrestling ring, Gabbi Tuft wrestled with her fears and demons. She was always fearful of what people would think if she embraces and comes out with her true self.

All those days of worry are behind her, and Tuft, known as Tyler Reks on the WWE scene, has revealed to her fans and followers that she is transgender. She elaborated that she is using the pronouns she and her.

Here’s what she had to say about the long journey that she had with herself before realizing what she truly is.

Ready To Show Her True Self

In her touching Instagram post, she revealed that she was afraid of what her friends, family, and followers would think once she came out. As she mustered up the courage over the years, she wrote, “I am no longer afraid, and I am no longer fearful.” The star had an emotional countdown to this important announcement and mused, “I can now say with confidence that I love myself for WHO I am.” Gabbi was so happy for the first time in her life that she walked out of her house with her “head up high.”

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