10 Signs That Suggest You Haven’t Dated Before

There’s no shame in not having dated someone before. Some people take longer than others to find a partner. That might be because they’re either not interested in being with anyone or are very selective about who they date. However, whether it’s by choice or not, certain signs indicate that someone hasn’t dated before. The person might be conscious of these signals or not, but they can be evident to people you meet and interact with. Deciding to put yourself out there and go on dates is not an easy decision. There could be a lot of reasons why someone is refraining from dating. However, these ten signs make it clear that you haven’t dated before.

Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Matter

Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Matter

If you’ve never dated before, then Valentine’s Day probably means very little to you. You also might have difficulty remembering what date Valentine’s Day falls on since it’s of no significance. Seeing couples celebrate the day might be annoying to watch for you as well. Bringing up the history of Valentine’s Day is probably one of your favorite things to do. The history behind the name of the holiday is very contradictory to how we celebrate it. February 14th was when Roman Emperor Claudius executed two men by the name of Valentine. Their martyrdom was honored by the Catholic Church with the celebration of St. Valentine. For a day filled with love, it has a tragic history.

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