Hilarious Design Fails That Will Make You Cringe

Designers put in a lot of effort to make things look appealing and pleasing to the eye. However, some of the epic design fails are so unbelievable that they will leave you speechless.

If you own a small business and looking to make a DIY design, you really need to look at these photos to avoid public embarrassment. Now we know why people spend several years studying graphic and interior designing because there’s a lot more to design than the sensual appeal.

The wrongly placed text, lack of aesthetic quality, or the absence of consideration for your product’s end-user are all examples of bad designs. They will hinder the message you want to convey and seriously harm the growth of your business. Have a look at the following hilarious design fails!

Kerning Is So Important!

Kerning Is So Important!

The art of spacing between letters just went horribly wrong here. The owners just went for some amateurs in the field, and it looks like they will have to pay a hefty price for it in the form of public embarrassment. They will now have to cover their “PEN-IS” with a “WIG” while stepping out. Our tummies are still hurting by laughing at their hilarious mistake. Wonder how many will sign up for business with them after this blunder!

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