Hilarious Fails Caught On Camera At Perfect Moments

There are seven billion people on this planet, which means numerous hilarious fails can occur each day. Most people in this world are clumsy or just going through a patch of bad luck. While most of the fails are undocumented, some can get caught at the exact moment. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, and you don’t get to escape embarrassment every time. The fails that are caught on camera astound people and make them laugh till their stomachs hurt. Most of the hilarious fails on this list will get that reaction out of anyone. A lot of credit also has to be given to the person holding the camera. Their timing is often what makes that moment so spectacular and memorable.

Fishy Behavior

Fishy Behavior

Have horror movies taught us nothing? You should always double-check to see if the creature is alive. Although this fish is hardly a scary monster, however, the point still stands. The woman in the picture just wanted a cute picture with a fish. She should have asked the fish first if it even wanted to be in the picture. She got her punishment, though. A tail slap in the face can be pretty humiliating. You would expect this kind of thing to happen to Tom on an episode of Tom and Jerry. It’s funny to see that her hands are still in the position when she gets slapped by the rebellious fish.

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