Creative People Who Took Posing With Statues To A Whole New Level

We all have come across some of the most beautiful sculptures around the world. The sculpture art signifies seriousness, gloriousness, and grandness for famous individuals and war generals. So, we often think that when posing with these statues, one should not leave out their mannerisms and stand graciously and composed in front of them. Acting out next to a legendary art piece might not be considered acceptable for some but others are less stringent about it.

Just because these statues have stood for thousands of years and are wonderful does not mean we cannot goof around them. The dull practice of maintaining your manners standing next to sculptures is slowly fading away. People are learning that there is no need to keep their demeanors in check while posing for photos.

So, here is a list of people who got creative and showed us that it is a lot more fun to pose with statues. The only spice you need is to switch on your imagination and let it roll.

Tripping Others!

Tripping Others!

Laughing at the expense of others is never okay, as you never know when and where karma is going to strike you. But, we can let this pass as these are only statues. In normal circumstances, we bet the guy would think twice before tripping other people as a mere joke. However, he has put his cheeky personality on and has got a pretty epic picture out of it. It looks like he was the only missing piece that the artist forgot to add. The slight foot nudge hilariously completes the idea behind the art piece.

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