Hilarious Weddings That Turned Into A Complete Disaster

No matter how much effort we put into making our wedding day perfect, something always goes wrong. Considering the time, energy, and money we invested in our special day when such things happen, we get devastated.

From missing people, children throwing tantrums, cake mishaps to someone tumbling on the stage, such moments make the wedding memorable for all the right and wrong reasons. So, we have compiled a list of hilarious wedding disasters that are sure to leave you in laughing fits.

If you have seen these catastrophes firsthand on others’ marriage ceremonies, thank your lucks that they didn’t happen to you on your big day. Fasten your seat belts and get ready for laughter-filled wedding fails.

Rocking Bridesmaid

Rocking Bridesmaid

Add color to the wedding, and choose bold accessories to go with the plain bridesmaid dress. This girl has gone a little too far and opted for a fluffy dinosaur. But we are digging that robotic arm. Maybe she’s channeling her inner Mechagodzilla to match the Bridezilla! Her friends must have had a theme wedding, and this lady is definitely killing it. She just didn’t come to play, she came to rock the marriage party. One more advantage of using such face covers if you get drunk; nobody will know it was you. So get your funky stuff out and put them on to rock and roll at the wedding. But we are not sure if they are appropriate for the day.

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