Most Effective Home Resistance Band Workouts

There are never-ending excuses for not working out. The most common barriers to exercising that people have indicated are time, money, and not appropriate space. Here is the catch for you all, you don’t have to pay heavy fees at any gym, buy a piece of expensive equipment, or have a lot of space to get your body in shape.

One of the low-cost and most effective ways to keep fit is resistance band workouts. Resistance bands are super-easy to pack, and you can carry them almost anywhere and exercise in a hotel room or a studio apartment.

Also, recent research has shown that engaging in resistance band workouts improves gait function, overall awareness of the body, and flexibility. Here are some muscle-building home resistance band workouts that will help you get fitter and target your larger and smaller stabilizing muscles.



For this exercise, place your feet shoulder-width apart with toes pointed forward. Put the resistance band under the arches of your feet. Then you need to tighten your core and keep the chest up. After finding your ground, start to bend your knees slightly, but be sure not to drive your hips back lower than your knees. Also, look for the forceful contraction of your glutes by pushing them forward. Be careful not to lean back, as you should fully contract your glutes. Pause here and then return to the starting position. During the whole process, keep your heart open and move from the center (core).

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