How To Plan Your Post-COVID Wedding


Are you planning a wedding? What’s the best advice to plan a post-COVID wedding?


After the pandemic ends, we expect a lot of couples to tie a knot. The ways to do that have definitely changed. Don’t worry, we’ve all the suggestions you need during these difficult times. Here are five new trends that will reshape your weddings post-pandemic.



Intimate Post-COVID Wedding

Yes! ‘Smaller’ weddings are the biggest trend right now. You can stick to your vision and budget. Shrinking your wedding event to an intimate size will create an opportunity to make great memories with every single guest.

“Intimate weddings. Locations private to the couple and invitees without other clients. Like private villas with rooms. Private islands and villas in the islands.” puts Micheline Diab, Founder of Giritaly from Lebanon

“Smaller groups, Focus on essentials versus extravagance,” shares Christina Holt, Founder & Director, Wedding Concepts from South Africa.

The trend of big celebrations with hundreds of guests is on the decline. People prefer intimate ceremonies with luxe decor, points Sara Alsalman, Founder, Royal Weddings by Sara J, Bahrain.

A Green, Eco-Friendly Wedding

There are plenty of ideas for an eco-friendly and sustainable post-COVID wedding. Here is what some of the best wedding planners have to say about this.

“More intimate, personalized, sustainable, fewer frills and wastage, organic” this is what will be the order according to Tina Tharwani, Director, Shaadi Squad from India.

You can put more thought into guest lists and locations. Smaller and outdoor weddings are the way to go. Minimal and spacious decor will make the event look beautiful. You don’t need to spend extra money on buffets or silent discos, and there will be no guest books to sign. Smaller weddings make it possible to spend quality time with family and close friends, shares Tracy Morris, Florist, Ella & Louie, USA.

Couples can spend their budgets on things that matter to them. This way, they can be mindful of the excessive waste on wedding days. It is more about shopping locally and celebrating your surroundings. According to Tshego Moloabi, Owner, Meletlo Celebrations, South Africa, your choices of food, decor, and designer clothing will be improved.

Outdoor Wedding

People are looking forward to socializing again post-COVID, but there is huge skepticism about attending mass gatherings. Wedding planners need to take all the necessary precautions while organizing post-COVID wedding events. An outdoor wedding is the perfect solution to this problem, where you can have plenty of space to maintain social distancing. There will be a surge in outdoor and intimate celebrations.

“A small wedding, outdoor wedding, intimate ambiance with open space concept.” shares Lane Ho, Principal Planner, MY Wedding Planner Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.

Local Wedding

As the pandemic has put a break on destination weddings, local weddings have gained momentum again. This is also a great way to support the local and small businesses. You can look for local products.

You can put more emphasis on supporting local suppliers and vendors. Appreciate little things in your lives. The most important part of a wedding is to have your loved ones close to you. Gratitude is definitely the key, according to Ireland-based Wedding Planner Olivia Buckley, Founder of Olivia Buckley International.

Concept Lighting at Wedding

Concept lighting can elevate your mood at the wedding event. Lighting can make your wedding venue shine like stars. This is definitely one of the top wedding trends this year.

On a similar note Romina Ferraretto, Luxury Wedding Planner, Romina Ferraretto Event Planners, Argentina adds “Concept Lighting as a huge trend. Deconstructed maximalism: which is all about going big on the little details.”

“Canopy of lights and candles will continue to trend.” points Joann Gregoli, Owner, Elegant Occasions by JoAnn Gregoli, USA.

“Couples will prefer small events with close family members and friends. Lighting decor, velvet, tailored/personalized details will prevail in 2021 weddings.” shares Marianna Di Paolo, Wedding planner, La Calla Events, Italy.

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