Unemployed Instagram Couple Begs Fans To Fund Their Vacation

Catalin Onc and his wife Elena Engelhardt are an Instagram-famous couple that began their journey in 2017 and have since amassed more than forty-thousand followers. They take lavish trips and document them on their joint Instagram account. Since then, they have traveled to France, Indonesia, Italy, and New Zealand. Their most recent trip was to Mauritius. The couple is now taking their traveling exploits further by planning a trip to Africa. However, they’ve faced a lot of backlash from the online community. The couple started a GoFundMe page for their trip. People didn’t like the fact that they wanted other people to pay for their vacation. The influencers’ reasons for not paying for their journey had fans confused.

Working Isn’t An Option?

Working Isn’t An Option?

The Instagram couple surprised the entire online community when they started a crowdfunding account to finance their trip to Africa. The GoFundMe page brought about a mixed reaction of confusion, hilarity, and outrage. People found it bizarre that the couple went worldwide, showcasing their lifestyle and preaching “freedom.” It seemed a bit ironic. People on social media called out the couple to fund their trip by getting a job. According to the couple, working for a living would be detrimental to their lifestyle. Maybe they believe that it impedes their “freedom.” If that’s the case, it’s strange to see how unfazed they are taking other people’s hard-earned money.

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