Instagram Influencer Goes On A Drunken Rampage At Night Club

A glamorous Instagram model went on a crazy rampage at a swanky Melbourne nightclub, spitting on bouncers and kicking in the walls before violently attacking the cops present at the scene. The Instagram influencer has been charged with several offenses after the wild boozy night out for causing a violent commotion at the club. According to a news report, police prosecutor Acting Sergeant James Carfi described the ‘unprovoked’ attack as a ‘volatile and violent situation’.

Who Is Hannah Pierson?

Who Is Hannah Pierson?

Hannah Pierson, 31, is a glamorous Instagram model known for her flashy outfits. It isn’t the first time that she is involved in a crazy fiasco. The model never shies away from stirring controversies, as she also threatened to blow up a plane in the past after demanding a free glass of wine. The crew had to handcuff her to de-escalate the situation. The dramatic mid-flight fiasco happened in November last year on an Air New Zealand flight. When the flight staff began to serve food and beverages, Pierson requested a glass of wine, and the crew refused to serve as her ticket didn’t cover wine. They asked her to purchase one from the menu, but the influencer allegedly began yelling at the crew members.

She even allegedly grabbed a crew member’s arm in a tight grip, squeezing it really hard and swaying her head as if she was about to headbutt the crew member. The flight attendants were concerned that Pierson was seated right next to the emergency exit, and she vehemently continued to leave her seat. She continued to yell: “Get me a f***ing wine, or I’ll blow up the plane. Instagram model found herself in trouble after the feud, as the court has remanded Pierson on bail, and she is to be sentenced on June 23.”

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