Instagram Influencer Goes On A Drunken Rampage At Night Club

Her Crazy Rant At The Nightclub

Her Crazy Rant At The Nightclub

Hannah Pierson was having a boozy night out at Crown Casino’s exclusive Club 23 on May 13, 2018, when the wild incident happened. The club staff first noticed her on the dancefloor as she appeared to be ‘highly intoxicated.’ Bouncers asked her to leave, the star refused, forcing the guards to lead her out of the nightclub. This is where things heated up, and Pierson became violent, spatting on a bouncer as he tried to escort her out.

Security officials placed ‘flexible’ handcuffs on Pierson to safeguard other staff and patrons at the venue. With her hands subdued, she continued to kick bouncers. The club staff immediately called the police to handle the violent situation, but the model became ‘verbally aggressive’ towards the officers. They then took her to a private area where a paramedic assessed her. ‘Do your job properly,’ she screamed at the police before thrusting an officer over into a window sill.

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