Instagram Influencer Goes On A Drunken Rampage At Night Club

The Court Hearings

The Court Hearings

After the court directed her to ‘return to the jurisdiction’ to serve her punishment, Pierson’s lawyer Scott Kaiser argued that it might be difficult for her to serve a sentence, as she will need to remain an outpatient at a local hospital the next 18 months.

He said his client hoped to get work as a beautician and pleaded with the court not to convict her as it may harm her future job prospects. However, Magistrate Hayley Bate was ‘not satisfied’ as she doesn’t think that Pierson should escape the conviction for the ‘alcohol-fuelled crime’.

‘All sentencing options will be open,’ Magistrate Bate added.

While ‘there isn’t any plausible reduction of moral culpability as yet’, according to Bate.

The court has deferred the case to give Pierson and her legal team more time to put together a forensic psychiatric report outlining why she shouldn’t serve her punishment in Melbourne. Nevertheless, Ms. Pierson will return to court later this year in August for further proceedings.

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