Woman Shockingly Spends £20k On Head To Toe Tattoos

The idea of getting tattooed head to toe is not a new concept, but to act on that impulse requires nerves. People having inks all over their bodies is not an old tale, and you can just imagine how much they spend to achieve it.

However, Julia Nuno is making news because she spent a whopping £20,000 to get tattoos from her skull to toes, including the genitals (yeah! you read it right). She has dedicated a total of 234 hours to get the bodywork done.

Here are all the details that you need to know about her stunning full-body ink suit.

Her First Tattoo

Her First Tattoo

Julia Nuno, 32, got her first tattoo when she was only eighteen years old. She started getting those inks as soon as she was old enough to get them. “I started out small with a hibiscus flower on my chest, but it just ended up growing,” added Julia. Initially, she had no intentions of collecting or getting her entire body tattooed, but she decided to go all out somewhere along the way. “Now I can’t stop,” said Nuno.

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