Woman Spends $500k On Epic Surgery Fail To Look Like Kim Kardashian

In today’s technological age, we can look into the lives of everyone. That is especially true for celebrities. Most famous personalities now have social media accounts you can follow. Apps such as Instagram have allowed fans to get a glimpse into the lives of their favorite celebrities. However, some fans obsess over their famous personalities a bit too much. The obsession can get unhealthy if it begins to emotionally and physically harm you. For people with insecurity and body dysmorphia, idolizing celebrities like the Kardashians can be detrimental to them. The Kardashian-Jenner clan is famous for getting surgeries done to enhance their features. One of her biggest fans, Jennifer Pamplona, paid a fortune to look like Kim Kardashian and underwent a series of epic surgery fails.

Culture Of Idolization

Culture Of Idolization

A culture of idolization can become a dangerous one, especially if it’s towards people in the entertainment industry. A big part of the entertainment industry is looking good for the camera. The pressure from having to do this sometimes makes these celebrities get all kinds of surgeries. It’s almost like a trickle-down effect from there. The personalities in the modeling or acting world often set the trend that people conform to.

Jennifer Pamplona, a twenty-seven-year-old woman from LA, spent five-hundred-thousand dollars to look like Kim Kardashian. I think it’s safe to say that Kim is her idol, and she’d do anything to look like the reality TV star. Jennifer fell prey to this culture of idolization, and her series of painfully unsuccessful surgeries are proof of that.

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