Laura Anderson Faces Backlash For Pictures Taken In Dubai

Laura Anderson and other Love Island stars face severe backlash for how they’ve been earning money during the lockdown. The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the world, and millions have lost their lives, businesses, and jobs. These are the reasons why many are lashing out at Love Island stars who are earning obscene amounts of money for every Instagram post they put up.

Love Island is a reality dating show which got rebooted on TV after a decade. The couples must compete with each other, and the winners get fifty-thousand pounds. However, the show’s stars are very popular amongst their fans, so many become models or social media influencers. The most popular of the show’s stars manage to earn a lot of money per Instagram post because of sponsors and their follower base. The job, on the other hand, doesn’t fall under the “essential” category. Yet, these famous personalities have found a way to bypass lockdown rules. As a result, the online community hasn’t been kind to them.

A Tough Life?

A Tough Life?

Laura Anderson, the former Love Island star, has spoken against her critics by saying that life as an influencer is tough. The model is soaking up the sun on beaches in Dubai, going to fancy restaurants, and generally enjoying a very privileged life on her Instagram. She claimed that she didn’t like people hating on influencers and that no one knew how hard life is. Life may indeed be difficult. Whether you’re well-off or live more modestly, everyone faces challenges. However, sensitivity is something that needs to be kept in mind. At a time when people are losing their homes, jobs, businesses, and even loved ones, you can’t claim a tough life if you’re making a fortune for posting a picture.

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