Loyal Dog Moose Waits Patiently Beside Deceased Owner’s Hospital Bed

Three-year-old Labrador mix Moose broke everyone’s heart for what he did when his owner passed away. The Lab’s owner suffered from cancer and passed away in the hospital a year after adopting Moose. However, the dog was pictured waiting patiently by his owner’s empty hospital bed. We can’t say if Moose understood the fact that his owner had passed away. It was apparent, though, that the dog was very broken. The heartbreaking thing about this was that you couldn’t communicate to the Lab, and he obviously couldn’t talk back. For all Moose knew, maybe his owner didn’t want him anymore and left him. Although, all parties involved did as much as they could to help the loyal dog.

A Dog’s Whole Life

A Dog’s Whole Life

Something people do not tend to realize is that we are a dog’s whole life. Once we adopt a dog, they have no other family or friend other than those who took them home. We encompass the animal’s life, and in return, they offer unconditional love and loyalty. That’s also why it’s so hard on them when owners pass away. Moose probably found it painful and confusing when he couldn’t find his owner. Although he only spent a year with him, the way the Lab mourned and lamented the loss of his owner was heart-wrenching. Dogs like Moose exist everywhere, and it’s hard to help everyone, but it’s good to do your bit where you can.

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