10 Odd Yet Funny Pictures From Around The Internet

One of the most incredible things about living in this digital age is that you can capture and share odd situations. Some of these pictures leave you scratching your head. They border on bizarre and make you wonder what humans are capable of. The scientific proof about humans being different from animals is also very evident in these hilarious pictures. You wonder if our species is evolving for the better or worse. However, regardless of the direction of our apparent evolution, one thing is clear. We have a knack for some serious entertainment. Our species might be on the decline, but we’ll make sure we’ll do it confused and laughing. There’s a certain beauty in that.

Hot Wheels – Pizza Edition

Hot Wheels - Pizza Edition

As far as odd pictures go, this one is right among the best of them. Yeah, we all know that cars are getting fancier and more flashy, but this? Maybe pizza rims are in these days. However, it seems like a monumental waste of one of the best foods ever known to humankind. People from Naples probably saw this picture and had a heart attack. To them, putting an entire pizza on the wheel of a car might be blasphemy. However, residents of Naples see any pizza except their own as an atrocity anyway. So it’s probably alright. What are the chances that this car ran over a poor pizza delivery guy and the pizza stuck to the tire is proof of that crime? He might be serving a few years in prison if that’s the case.

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