10 Plastic Surgery Fails That Shocked Everyone

There’s a reason why the cosmetic surgery industry is worth a billion dollars. With the presence of social media and unattainable beauty standards, people feel more insecure than ever. Instagram and Facebook depict only the best parts of people’s lives, and it can be easy to believe that distorted reality. Social media has us comparing ourselves to the lives of other people. There’s this unhealthy obsession to portray a perfect life. The rise in insecurity coincides with the increase in demand for cosmetic surgery. However, sometimes people can take plastic surgery too far. These are ten plastic surgery fails that went a bit too far.

A Lot Going On

A Lot Going On

There’s a lot going wrong for this plastic surgery recipient. You can tell that under all the work that’s been done, that woman is good-looking. However, it’s easy to succumb to insecurity and social pressure. The lip fillers, the jaw enhancement, and cheek adjustments make this woman look like a caricature. She has eyelash extensions and her eyebrows are done with microneedling. She might as well have gotten her nose done as well. It would’ve created the perfect mess of cosmetic surgery. Hopefully, she can still show facial expressions. The worst botch of them all has to be her lips, though. If she can, then maybe she expressed her disdain at the handiwork done by her doctor. The real shame is that she didn’t believe she was perfect before the surgery.

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