Here Are Some Secrets Men Rarely Say Out Loud

What do women know about men? Just the basics that men themselves say out loud. Many things go on in a man’s mind that women will never be able to decode. Whether some odd habits or weird thoughts, there’s a lot that goes on in a guy’s mind. Here we have unraveled some secrets that men rarely say out loud. These will help you understand men much better.

They Don’t Want To Hear About Your Guy Friends

They Don’t Want To Hear About Your Guy Friends

Girls love telling their boyfriends or husbands about every little detail in their lives, including stories about their guy friends. What they don’t understand is that by talking about their male friends, they stir up a huge pot of envy in their significant others. Especially when you compliment them, that just slams open the jealousy door. However, it’s not always just about jealousy. The tremendous amount of possessiveness that comes with it is just the icing on the cake.

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