High School Student Saves Choking Baby And Becomes Hero


Chase Eller from Illinois high school is praised for his heroic effort after the student saves a choking baby in an amazing rescue. Eller had a dinner date with her girlfriend, Rylie Rhodes when the unimaginable happened.


The 16-year-old teen, a sophomore at Sullivan high school in Decatur, was visiting the local restaurant when he spotted the struggling baby. The infant was having trouble breathing as food blocked his throat. Chase sprang to action to help.

Chase Eller’s Quick Witted Action

Chase Eller rushed to the baby’s help as he noticed that the parents were performing the wrong technique to dislodge the food. Baby’s mom was frantically using her fingers to remove the food from the throat. The quick-thinking high school student remembered a lesson he had learned in his health class.


The teen went to the mom and asked her to hand him the baby. He turned the baby upside down on his arm and was able to dislodge the food stuck in the throat.

Eller said, “When you know a baby is choking, you tip the baby upside down, and you kind of put them on your arm at a specific angle. You sometimes have to give the baby a few back blows.” “And whatever is lodged in the baby’s throat will hopefully come out easier than if the baby was sitting straight up,” he added.

The baby’s mother kept thanking him for his bravery, as his timely effort saved the day.

Sullivan High School Is All Praise of Him

Illinois high school paid tribute to Chase’s heroic act. The school’s administration went online to show their praise for the teenager.

While in a restaurant in Decatur, sophomore Chase Eller noticed an infant struggling to breathe and the parents trying…

Posted by Sullivan CUSD #300 on Thursday, January 28, 2021

The school officials were super proud of him.

Chase Eller-A True Hero!

The Facebook post featuring the photo of Eller has quickly gone viral. Many commenters call him a true hero.

One user mused, “Chase, way to go on rising to the situation and implementing the life-saving intervention. Your bravery and heroic action are inspiring. Thank you!”

Another said, “That is so Awesome. You are a Hero. Thank you for learning this life-saving method. We are PROUD OF YOU…”

“Your ability to act under pressure is something to be proud of. So glad the baby is ok.” commented another.

“This is such a heartwarming story. This took a lot of courage to step forward in that situation. I feel you have a great future ahead of you. You are a true hero,” wrote one.

Eller says that his dad inspires him always to help people in need. His dad, Gary, has served for 18 years as a police officer in Moultrie County. Chase thinks that his ability to help comes naturally to him, as he has spent most of his time with the first responders. He also credited his health-class teacher, Bales, without whom he would not have learned the right way to save the life of a choking infant.


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