Trans DJ Humiliated After Being Forced Out Of A Women’s Restroom

Simona Castricum is an Australian DJ and musician who has racked up four thousand followers on her Instagram. Unfortunately, she isn’t making the rounds on social media this time because of her artistic talents. The trans woman was humiliated when she wasn’t allowed to use the women’s bathroom at a nightclub in Melbourne, Australia. A security guard told her at the YahYah nightclub to use the men’s bathroom and called her a man. The LGBTQ+ community has often been the target of discrimination. They’ve come a long way since the pride movement began in 1969, but there’s still a lot more the world can do towards ending the prejudice.

Discrimination Against The LGBTQ+ Community

Discrimination Against The LGBTQ+ Community

People from the LGBTQ+ community often have to change certain aspects of their lives to avoid discrimination. The changes they make are a result of pervasive discrimination against them in the workplace or public. Members of this community have to hide their true selves to avoid prejudice. Since 2016, the community has come a long way in its fight for equality. There is still room for a lot of improvement, though. In 2016, eleven to twenty-eight percent of LGBTQ+ people reported losing a job or a promotion because of their sexual orientation.

Furthermore, twenty-seven percent of trans workers reported that they were fired or not hired. In more extreme cases, people have lost their homes and access to education because of their sexual orientation. Education can go a long way in reducing discrimination. It’s also one of the things that Simona Castricum suggested after she was discriminated against by the security guard. It’s a long-term solution, but it’s also the path to social harmony.

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