Unbelievable Clothing Disasters That Will Leave You Confused For A Long Time

Unless you religiously follow all new fashion trends, it’s a bit impossible to know what is or isn’t considered to be “in.” But sometimes, outfits and accessories are so hideous that even people with the worst fashion choices agree on calling it ugly. From misspelled words to wrong images to cringe-worthy design fails, this list of clothing disasters is bound to leave you confused for a long time. These outfits will certainly catch peoples’ attention but for all the wrong reasons.

Someone, Please Explain What This Means

Someone, Please Explain What This Means

When it comes to wordy t-shirts, misspellings and grammatical errors are very common. While some of these errors are ignorable, some you just can’t miss. Take this shirt, for example. If anyone can accurately explain what this text means, they definitely deserve some kind of trophy. Yes, you can tell it’s something about selfies, but what about it can only be described by a genius of all geniuses. Apart from everything else, what in the world is a bus train, and how is it related to selfies in any way?

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