15 People Who Were Visited By Karma

Karma occurs when someone gets what they deserve. Karma is instant, and it is just. If you think you can get away with pulling something off, be sure that karma will catch up with you. Sometimes, people instantly regret their actions because their punishment is swift. These instances are often hilarious since people got what they asked for. These are 15 people who were visited by karma.

A Regrettable Bill

A Regrettable Bill

We’ve been drinking processed, pasteurized milk our whole life, and there’s a reason for that. Raw milk has harmful organisms that can damage the digestive system. It also gets spoiled a lot quicker. That is also why many states had banned the sale of unfiltered milk. However, West Virginia lawmakers were adamant about getting the bill passed to legalize raw milk sales. After the bill passed, all the politicians involved in passing the bill drank a glass of milk. They were instantly visited by karma because shortly after, they were complaining of severe stomach pain.

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